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Aug 4, 2013 2:00pm PDT
washington. also coming up on the program, 'spporters of zimbabwe president celebrate israel action as the opposition cries foul. syria's latest frontline -- rebels launch an attack on the port city. two wheels good, four wheels bad. why cyclists are taking over london. thank you for joining us. iran's new president has been sworn in at the official ceremony and he called for dialogue to improve iran's international relations. at home, he said he would work to improve the lives of ordinary citizens and reduce government interference. he took his first steps in parliament as iran's new president, sworn in before politicians and foreign dignitaries. in his speech, he promised to sue a path of moderation. pivotal and central is wisdom and rationality. moderation and balance. balancing idealism and realism. >> his language appears to mark a critchley or separation from the policy of his out assessor, mahmoud ahmadinejad. a message to the world and to the iranian public. should be trusted and we should speak to them honestly. the government should reduce the economic and cultural interve
Aug 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
breakthrough, islam a bot and washington have agreed to restart -- islamabad and washington have agreed to restart talks which ended in 2010 but ended abruptly in 2011 following a series of crises. is a veryhis significant move forward in this often-tens relationship -- often-tense relationship, one issue is not going to be resolved. that issue is drone strikes. we have never seen a senior u.s. lawmaker, a senior u.s. politician stand together to discuss the very thorny issue of drone strikes, but that is just what we saw. although pakistan reaffirmed its position on drone strikes, that it is counterproductive and a violation of the country's sovereignty, the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, reaffirming the u.s.'s position that drone strikes will continue and it is seen as a very important part of the country's counterterrorism strategy. >> still ahead, we will have the latest on egypt's political turmoil as germany's foreign minister makes a new push to end the crisis. australia puts a controversial new policy into practice. welcome back. a reminder of our top stories. the h
Aug 3, 2013 2:00pm PDT
relations with the united states and have the sanctions lifted? correspondent reports from washington on the u.s. debate. there has been little debate about iran's leadership inside the u.s. dislikes, distrusted, dismissed. as hassan rouhani takes over, some officials believe it could lead to a breakthrough in the stalled talks on iran's nuclear program. president obama had this to say. >> i think it says the iranian people want to move in a different direction. lacks the white house has been sending the message, they are open to talks -- >> the white house has been sending the message them but they are open to talks. went on netanyahu television to say that is not a good idea. congress seems to agree. the senate is expected to follow suit. >> with the election of theident hassan rouhani, nuclear program will not change. >> it is still an open question if president obama will sign the sanctions into law. >> we will find out in the next one to two months. so far, he has paid good lip service to it, but he has not been willing to take the risks necessary. he has not been willing to lead. >
Aug 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
. >> it looks like that which is coming true, at least for the next 12 months. al jazeera, washington. >> silvio berlusconi has reacted angrily to a ruling by the highest court of italy which upheld his conviction for tax fraud. the former prime minister says he is the victim of persecution. we have the latest from rome. >> silvio berlusconi all over the front pages again as the newspapers react to the historic ruling by the supreme court. first on the left. they are not friends of the former prime minister. you sense that this is a headline day and probably wanted to write for some time. that they have probably wanted to write for some time. the sentence is definitive. there are no higher courts of appeal. he is now a convicted criminal. a much more sympathetic approach, as you expect, by the newspaper owned by his family. "it is not over." he says he does not accept it. he says he has been the victim of persecution by a judiciary with a political agenda. he says he will relaunch the political movement that first brought him to power in the early 1990's. the consequences of this are
Aug 4, 2013 11:00pm PDT
number of villages and towns. bring in a professor from george washington university. the giver joining us on out zero. i was just talking about what happened. rebel forces have reclaimed h -- assad forces have been reclaiming parts of homs. >> there will not be any tipping points. the opposition will have the upper hand, militarily. they did for quite a long time. the regime seized the initiative and is going on the assault. >> how will they have the upper hand? >> they will have it if there are shipments to the rebels from the outside. if the rebels are able to seize more weapons. most of the weapons they use are taken from the regime. ify will have the upper hand has the law reduced the contingent of fighters they had. important point. how likely do you think it is that has a lot will reduce the hand that they play? heard a ron's we new president -- iran's new president. >> you are absolutely right. that is a major ally of the searing regime. iran is putting everything they have into this play for syria. the friends of the syrian people are trying to restore that balance. res
Aug 5, 2013 5:30am PDT
high level. >> washington has also warned u.s. citizens to check precautions while traveling, while interpol has issued a global alert after a string of jailbreaks in nine countries, senior al qaeda figures sprung from prison in recent weeks. >> a court in turkey has acquitted 21 suspects in the trial of 275 people accused of plotting to overthrow the government. the ergenekon trial is one of the most profile in the country's history, seem as a key test in the prime minister's showdown. defendants are said to be part of an antigovernment illegal aswork described by critics a state within a state. i am joined by jasper who is outside that prison courthouse outside instanbul. what is the latest? >> the heavyweight names in the trial, many of them have been sentenced now and they have received extremely long sentences. 129 years, and he is quite a popular general. he was applauded when he walked into the courtroom this morning. a brigadier general who has the ,istory of being involved implicated in standard -- scandals in turkey, he got sentenced to life imprisonment. a leader of the l
Aug 4, 2013 5:30am PDT
in washington saying that this has been done to make it look like they are on top of the situation, others saying that this is just caving in. what sort of message do you take? >> it seems the u.s. is signaling an allowance of the united states to be manipulated by the terrorist threat. encouragingectively them to become more active and from a few months ago are still very much on the mind of the politicians in washington. how much is that hanging over the u.s. administration? >> it is certainly hanging over the head of the state department and president obama. as you recall, there was a great deal of enhance security requests and the denial of them on the part of the state department, as a consequence several staff members were killed. i do not think president obama wants to repeat that, so they are doing whatever they can do to make sure they do not lose another ambassador to attacks in the middle east. >> earlier you said that you thought this was sending out the wrong message. what should be done in -- done instead? >> the american presence is important. if you're going to be l
Aug 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
interview to the washington post in which he said he had been pushing and for a negotiated settlement. he hopes the brotherhood would realize that time is not on its side and he is trying to hold the fort, but he is not sure he can continue to do so. >> egypt is seeing a flurry of diplomatic act dimity. -- activity. our correspondent in cairo reports. >> supporters of deposed president, and morsi were on the move on friday. opponents of the military interim government gave voice to their frustrations and anger. trouble flared in the capital where police used tear gas against demonstrators outside a complex housing many of egypt's private television channels. a succession of foreign politicians and diplomats have been marching through government offices. deputy secretary of state has flown in for his second visit in a month. he is due to meet the interim president and muslim brotherhood leaders. the foreign affairs chief catherine ashton c or this week. -- (earlier this week. -- left earlier this week. encourage theo regime to allow for that rehabilitation to take place without any use
Aug 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
this half-hour, washington disappointed as moscow gives u.s. whistleblower edward snowden temporary asylum. early voting results in zimbabwe e's party in the lead as his rivals call the elections a huge farce. >> i am at the uk national archives where top-secret documents are top secret no more. find out why the relationship may not be as close as previously thought. >> diplomatic efforts to resolve egypt's political crisis are gathering pace. it comes as egypt's rulers issued a new warning to supporters of the deposed president to leave their road test camps quickly. -- their protest camps quickly. we do west are well is urging members of the interim government -- guido westerwelle is urging members of the interim government not to use violence. those loyal to mohamed morsi have been told if they leave their sit in protest without a fight, they will be given safe passage and protection. the government has not said at that -- the deadline for the -- has not set a deadline for the clear-out. >> the interior minister calls on those gathered listen to the voice of reason, give preceden
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9